Snorkelling in Skrinkle

I am lucky enough to live in an area of extraordinary natural beauty and the last few weeks have been perfect for a bit of snorkelling courtesy of Jump Bros LTD. Jump Bros specialise in coastal outdoor activities and are based in my home village of Manorbier. We set of from Church Doors, a little cove which i spent many summers climbing about on as a child. I was fully equipped with a wet suit, flippers and a great snorkel which covers your entire face, making breathing underwater much easier. Having zero experience with snorkelling paired with a phobia of deep water i was a little apprehensive at first, but Ollie’s knowledge and experience made me feel safe and comfortable.

The tide was so high we were able to swim right through the archway of Church Doors. It was much darker but the ocean floor was still visible. We went through a small cliff side cave which brought us through to Skrinkle beach. The water was so still and clear, we were surrounded by fish and hundreds of brightly coloured Moon Jellyfish. I could have spent all day floating around with them. We then swam over to an area thick with different types of sea weed, it looked just like a floating forest swaying from side to side.

I can’t wait to go out again and spot some more fish, i had a great day floating around with Snowy, Zoe and Ollie. If you have any interest in exploring the Pembrokeshire coast in a more hands on way check out the Jump Bros website, or contact Ollie and Andy on 07805 043079.

Jump Bros Website

Jump Bros Facebook Page


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