Wednesday Wind Down

Once a week i like to have an evening of relaxation and Wednesday night is my wind down night. I have always struggled to keep a regular sleeping pattern but i find that my Wednesday night routine rejuvenates me ready for an early rise. My first rule is to try and keep technology to a minimum, there are too many things that can be discovered online and my brain is full of ideas and funny thoughts that can keep me awake for hours on end. thumbnail_image1I try to keep my evening meal as light as possible, sometime’s if i am feeling a little cheeky i will have a tiny sliver of cake with my evening tea. A nice relaxing cup of herbal tea is great for a cosy sleepy feeling. Adding a special beauty treatment (cruelty free of course) and a warm shower, paired with some yoga/zen music is all i need before curling up with a good book. thumbnail_image3I have been making an effort to read before i go to sleep rather than browsing the internet, it focuses my attention on a single story rather than falling down the rabbit hole that is Instagram and Youtube. My book of choice “The Plague Charmer” by Karen Maitland, is not happy or relaxing but a dark, historical novel that i have lost myself in completely.  A good book along with a warm mug of tea and glowing candles are just what i need for a good nights sleep.
UntitledIf anyone has any hints or tips for a well rested night please let me know, i would love to hear them =^_^=


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