New Bike Time

Today it was finally time to scope out a new motorbike. I have been off the road for about a year now due to problems with my old bike and i am dying to get back out there. So i headed on over to Celtic motorcycles which has just relocated to a bigger premises in Waterston.

I am a long term customer of Celtic and the owner Alun is the best salesman you could wish for. He’s honest, knowledgeable and is always happy to offer something extra for your custom. I have had my eye on a KSR GRS 125 for a while now but i could find little information online from anyone who has owned one long term. Don’t get me wrong, these test ride reviews are super helpful but offer little reassurance on the longevity of a motorbike which is pretty important when purchasing a cheaper brand.


Alun had one in stock in black “your favourite colour” (the man knows me well). He has sold several of the bikes and reassured me that they are far more reliable than Lexmoto’s (my previous bike) and all the new bikes are now made up to a stricter Euro 4 standard, giving off less emissions. I was really happy with the bike and the knowledge that it would be more reliable than my last bike, which honestly was great for the price, and agreed that i would soon be mine.


I needed a new helmet as my current one saved my noggin after i crashed last year (pesky farmers). He had a much bigger selection than in the old location, the whole upstairs was full of biker clothing and accessories. I spotted this beast of a helmet which is everything i have always wanted and Alun agreed to throw it in with the bike along with a full tank of fuel. How about that for great service?


Next on my to do list is re-taking my CBT (maybe some day i’ll finally take my full test) and i’ll be back on the road. First trip will be a girls ride out for ice-cream in St Davids to celebrate.


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